Mary and Motherhood in Art

The parallel between Eve and Mary dates from the very beginning of Christianity and resonates throughout the writings of the patristic fathers.

Virgin Mary Symbolism in Art

May is Mary’s Month and We Really Need Her Right Now! As a single mother of two sons who was raised Catholic and received a format Catholic education (right up to a Master’s Degree of Theology Degree at Notre Dame), I have always loved Mary. Though my spiritual sensibilities have led me beyond the confines […]

Writing the Dream Poem

If you are having strange dreams during the pandemic quarantine…write poems about them!

Sacred Art Journaling

There is no better way to nurture your soul through stressful times than creating meditative art. Journaling calms the mind and and keeps one centered. So why not combine the two and spend some wonderful – mindful time sacred art journaling? I began my journey into sacred art journaling a couple of years ago. I […]

The Sacred Art of Surviving and Thriving During a Pandemic

Is there a divine purpose for a pandemic? Is this nature’s way of weeding out the weak ones among us and ensuring a more controlled population and a stronger species? For centuries philosophers have struggled with the “problem of evil,”or the conundrum that things like pandemics pose for those who believe in a good God, […]

Hildegard of Bingen ~ The Quintessential Female Sacred Artist

Hildegard of Bingen was a true “Renaissance Woman” centuries before the Western Renaissance dawned and certainly before Leonardo da Vinci was hailed as the “Renaissance Man.” Based on her visions of God as a cosmological circle of growth and love, she painted extraordinary works of art, wrote exquisite spiritual poetry and choral music, and developed […]

The Unique and Wonderful World of Women’s Sacred Poetry

 The Muses by Maurice Dennis 1893 (above) Throughout history, prayer and sacred scripturehas been written or recited in poetic form. Poetry lends itself to spiritualexpression perhaps more readily than any other literary medium. In immersingmyself in within the world of women’s spiritual poetry, I have come to sensethat this genre of writing is decidedly different […]

Women in Sacred Dream History

While most scriptural accounts were recorded by men within the historical setting of their time and cultures for an audience of other men, much can be learned about the true nature of  the historical-cultural mindset about gender in relation to the art of sacred dreaming, by evaluating what these sacred texts say about women as […]