Lori Joan Swick, Ph.D.

Lori Joan Swick’s published written works include the historical fiction novel, Comfort and Mirth (TCU Press, 2009), and a non-fiction book entitled Dreaming~ The Sacred Art (Skylight Paths Publishing, 2014).

She is an award-winning poet and essayist. Her Ph.D. is in Religion and Philosophy with a concentration in Women’s Spirituality, and she instructs religion and philosophy as an adjunct university professor. She currently resides in Fort Myers, Florida.


 I write  historical fiction novels about women whose religious or spiritual agency and importance has not been fully appreciated or fairly celebrated.

I also write nonfiction books about women’s sacred arts.

Lori Joan Swick ~ Author

Dreaming _ The Sacred Art

Dreaming ~ The Sacred Art

Drawing on sacred dreaming practices recorded in the world’s religions as well the study of dreaming as as psychological phenomenon by modern dream researchers and depth psychologists, this book provides a practical means of entering sacred dream space, dreaming as a sacred experience, interpreting dream as a sacred art, and preforming sacred dream work as a means of spiritual growth and personal fulfillment.

Comfort and Mirth

Comfort and Mirth is a celebration and elevation of women’s traditional arts and ways of philosophizing. Camille Abernathy moves to Austin, Texas from Seattle in 1910 with her new husband – a dashing, older university professor. She devotes herself to his comfort and happiness by furnishing their home, cultivating the gardens, and bearing him sons.

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